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Our Favorite Wedding Moments

Bride and groom

This time, one year ago, I was in mom’s room, putting on my wedding dress, and on my way to getting married! It was obviously, a milestone in my life, and today becomes another one: celebrating our first anniversary! While it may sound cliché, there is truth is saying this year feels like it went by in a blink of an eye.
With so much going on in our lives, I think it’s important to look back on so many wonderful moments. It’s a reminder of a special day, and that while life moves fast, we can be grateful for the memories that make it worthwhile.

To celebrate, we came up with some of our favorite wedding memories. 
Here they are: 


Gifting the bridesmaids my nonna’s handkerchiefs
When I was in Italy the summer before my wedding, I took a few handkerchiefs from my nonna’s collection (with her permission of course!) I knew I wanted to gift them to the girls, so I planned ahead! I monogrammed them with each girl’s initials and gave them their presents when we were getting ready. 

Gifting bridesmaids monogrammed handkerchiefs
Gifting bridesmaids monogrammed handkerchiefs


Having a special moment with my cousin Marco
We had a fairly large group come from Italy for the wedding, and my cousin Marco was one of them. He’s more of like a brother to me, and even though we live in different countries, we’ve always been close. When I came down the stairs in my dress at my mom’s house, him and I had a moment, and he teared up a little. Now it’s his turn to get married in less than a month from now! 
Actually, celebrating with all of those that came from Italy was very special. Many of them had never been to Vancouver before. My zia Leonina (my mom’s sister) made the trip over, and it was her first time, ever, on a plane. It meant so much to me that she came, and that she was here to share in the day. 


Walking out of the church, married
Truly the best moment ever. 

The happiest moment

The happiest moment


Stopping at the Tap and Barrel during photos
We had time, so we did! 

Taking a break during wedding photos

Taking a break during wedding photos

Seeing all the pieces come together

We worked for more than a year, planning every detail, but you never know what things will actually look like until the wedding day.  Walking into the ballroom before all the guests arrived and seeing your hard work come to life was truly magical. 

Floral installation for wedding head table

Wedding seating chart

Love this wedding table setting!

Wedding table name

Wedding ballroom goals

Love this flower arrangement

Marble wedding cake of my dreams!

These flowers and table names...love!

Wedding espresso bar menu

Wedding favors, and place cards! Such a great idea

Love this wedding menu!

The speeches
All of the speeches were amazing, and made us feel all happy and tingly inside. They added such a special touch to the night, including the part where Ben spoke to my mom in Italian, and made me tear up, and the bridal party had to pass me a handkerchief. I’m not a crier, so that definitely caught me by surprise! Emotions are real, I tell you. 


Having a moment with the bridesmaids and our moms
My friends and I have been friends since grade one (26+ years!), so our moms have known each other for a long time. They were all there, and we gathered at a point during the night and shared a special moment. Love these ladies to the moon and back. 

Wedding good times

Wedding good times

Wedding good times

Seeing our Collective You pictures for the first time

3 words: So worth it. Our guests loved their photos too! 

Black & White Portrait for wedding Black & White Portrait for wedding


Doing the twist with Luigi
My best friend and MOH’s dad Luigi is an amazing dancer. When the twist came on, Luigi got low, so low that no one could get as low as him (trust me, I tried!) He is definitely the twisting king!!!

So there you have it, our favorite moments of the day, one that truly was…the best day ever. 

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    Angela Colibaba
    August 20, 2018 at 4:09 am

    Pina this is beautiful and special! It was such a great day and I loved reliving it through this post! So awesome how my dad made the cut for best memories! I tell you, he’s never been able to get that low since! Lol! Love you dear friend and Happy 1st Anniversary to you and Ben! Xo

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