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Heart shaped churros with two dipping sauces.

I was at a Mexican restaurant with my friend one night and we had churros for dessert. My friend suggested I make churros for this little ol’ blog, to which I said “yes, but I need to add my own spin to it.” So we thought that instead of making a traditional caramel/dulce de leche dipping sauce, I could make a nutella dipping sauce (very me). Then I was talking to another friend and she suggested I make a mascarpone dipping sauce so I thought “why not make both?” 
At the time of the inception of this recipe, Valentine’s day was coming up so another friend suggested I make heart-shaped churros. And that’s how this whole idea/recipe came together. It truly was a team effort! 

So here’s the recipe below: 


Heart shaped churros with nutella and mascarpone dipping sauces: 

  1. Make your heart shaped churros
    I used this recipe and doubled it. I also added a lot more cinnamon than the recipe calls for. In my book, churros need tons of cinnamon
    To make the heart shape, I piped two regular straight churros and then formed them into a heart. Just make sure you pinch the adjoining ends together to keep them together when frying. I had seen a few Youtube videos that formed the heart in one step (without forming two separate churros, but found that my method worked better for me. 
    I also found piping the churros a bit difficult in the sense that I had to use a lot of muscle to get the churro dough out of the piping device. After talking to a few people, churro dough is supposed to be that way so I didn’t do anything wrong. Next time, instead of using my piping gun, I will probably use a traditional piping bag – apparently getting the churro dough out will be easier that way 🙂 
  2. Make your dipping sauces
    Nutella dipping sauce: Set up a double boiler and once the water is simmering, add 1/4 cup nutella to the double boiler bowl. Then add about 4 tbsp. of half and half cream. Mix these together until a sauce forms. This will not take long, a few seconds. 
    A note on the consistency of the sauce: I used 4 tbsp of half and half, but keep you can keep adding until you get the consistency you like. The sauce should be a bit thinner than you will want in the end, because as it sits a little, it will become thicker. 
    Mascarpone dipping sauce: Set up a double boiler once again, and add 1/4 cup mascarpone to the double boiler bowl. Add about 4 tbsp. half and half cream, along with 3 tbsp powdered sugar, and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. Same notes about the nutella sauce thickness apply to this one. 
  3. Enjoy your churros! 


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