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La Festa Della Donna.

Whenever I think of International Women’s Day (or La Festa della Donna as they call it in Italy), one story always comes to mind. When my cousin Erica was 4 years old, she received a mimosa flower on March 8. It was from a Gaetano, a boy in her class that liked her, and his attempt to get her to notice him. Sadly, his attempt for attention didn’t work, but this story is exemplary of what is so special about la festa della donna. On March 8, any woman can be celebrated- from a 90 year-old grandma, to a 50 year-old mom, to a 4 year-old girl. Whether you’re single or married, this holiday doesn’t discriminate. 
The day is all about celebrating women- our strength, our courage, our diversity- everything that embodies being a woman. In Italy this holiday is on par (if not higher) with Valentine’s day in terms of importance and notoriety. As demonstrated by Erica’s story, most women receive a yellow mimosa flower.  It’s such a unique flower in that its texture is almost fur-like.  I wanted to photograph a few for this post, but they were not available in Vancouver this week, so I had to settle for yellow tulips, which are equally as beautiful!
Besides receiving mimosa flowers, women are also celebrated by being taken out to dinner by a significant other, receiving presents, or even going out to dinner with a group of girls. 
The holiday doesn’t receive a lot of attention in North America, but I decided to celebrate this year because why not?  I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, but I feel this is a holiday I can truly get behind! I won’t be doing anything too crazy- just going out for dinner (on a weeknight nonetheless, so it’s a big thing guys!). 

Are you celebrating International Women’s Day this year? 

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