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Panettone 4 ways // A Pandoro Christmas Tree

As I mentioned on Instagram, we’re doing a Panettone 4 ways series!
Panettone is a sweet, bread-like Italian dessert that is eaten around Christmas time. Now I know you might be thinking…it sounds like a fruit cake! Trust me, panettone is so much better than fruit cake. It has a different consistency (much lighter and fluffier), and comes in different flavors. 
The classic panettone is flavored with candied fruit, but there are so many other options. I’ve seen chocolate cream-filled panettone, chocolate chip panettone, even a limoncello cream-filled panettone. The options are really endless when it comes to this dessert, and you are bound to find at least one that fits your taste! Some bake their own panettone, but I usually just buy mine at the store 🙂
So, back to the Panettone 4 Ways series. Panettone is delicious on its own, but after years of eating it straight out of the box, I decided to get a little creative. Each week in December, I’m going to be showing you a way to jazz up your Panettone; 4 recipes in total!
The first of the series is actually a Pandoro recipe! Pandoro falls in the panettone family, but has a bit of a different shape than panettone, and a slightly different consistency. It’s still delicious nonetheless!
This recipe comes from a Christmas I spent in Italy. My friend Marianna made it one night for a party. As soon as I tried it I was in heaven. The main ingredients besides the pandoro are nutella and whipped cream, so how can you go wrong?
Everyone that sees it says it reminds them of a Christmas tree, so I call it the Pandoro Christmas tree! This recipe is so simple (no baking required), and it’s guaranteed to be a hit at parties, both for its striking presence and magnificent flavor. 

So here’s how to make it!

  1. Start with you pandoro. Here in Vancouver, you can get it any Italian grocer. Cioffi’s will definitely have it. 
    Cut the pandoro into horizontal layers. To help me cut the layers straight, I insert toothpicks that can help guide me. 

panettone resize

When you’re done cutting, the Pandoro will look like this if you stack each layer on top of each other and rotate them slightly. 


2. Now here comes the fun part! Add nutella and whipped cream to each layer. I whipped my own cream and and added some sugar and vanilla to it. I also put the Nutella in the microwave for about 30 seconds so that it would spread better. 
So for this step, all you have to do is spread Nutella on the Pandoro layer, and then add the whip cream on top. 

So here’s the blank layer: 


Then spread your Nutella on top: 


And add the whip cream on top of the Nutella: 


Repeat for all layers. Your Pandoro will start to look like this: 


When you’ve Nutella-d and whip creamed all the layers, you can decorate the tips with whatever you like! I simply took a piping bag and added some whipped cream rosettes to the tips. In the past, I’ve also added silver candy balls to give it a more elegant feel. You can even add smarties/colored candy to the tips to make it REALLY like a Christmas tree. This one would be good if kids are your main audience!

And there you have it! Your Nutella Pandoro Christmas tree! 


What do you think? Will you be giving it a try this holiday season? 



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