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How to Assemble the Ultimate Cheese Board.

A cheese and charcuterie board is a good addition to any type of party. Whether you’re hosting a dinner, you can have this out as guests arrive as a stand-alone dish, or paired with other appetizers. You can even whip one of these up if you have people over for casual cocktails so they have something to much on while drinking. 

With this particular cheese board, we assembled it for our friends’ Marco and Sarah’s Jack and Jill bridal shower. They were so happy with the whole night, which included appetizers, a seated dinner al fresco, dessert of Italian pastries from Italia Bakery, and newlywed games! They are now a happily married couple! Congrats Marco and Sarah!

So back to the cheese platter. Let me show you how we assembled it. 

Step 1
Gather your components, like different types of cheese, sausages, and grapes. For this particular plate, we used 6 different types of cheeses: Cheddar, monterey jack, marbled cheddar, gouda, brie and asiago. For sausages we used dry dry sausage/salami that you can get at any Italian deli here in Vancouver, or even certain supermarkets. 
You can use any type of cheese that you like. Brie is always a hit, and I like adding blue cheese as well. But I know it’s not always for everyone! 

cheese step 0

Step 2
Grab your board and start assembling! Depending on the size of your gathering and how much cheese, sausage you have, this will determine how big the size of your board should be. I’ve seen great cheese boards at supermarkets, home stores, kitchen stores, even Indigo! 
Our party was on the larger side (approx 25 people) and we had A LOT of cheese, so the board we used was a pretty large one. 
Assemble your grapes on the center of your board. I always think it’s easiest to start with the center and work your way out. This gives you a good starting point, and will determine where other things are placed on the board. 

cheese step 1

Step 3

Start placing your cheese on the board. I like to start with the cheese, as it’s usually the star of the show, and takes up the most room. You may need to play around with the positioning of the cheese. 
It’s a nice touch to add a toothpick with the name of the cheese written on it so people know what they’re eating. 

cheese step 2

Step 4
Fill in the empty spots in between the cheese with your sausage. 
I also like to add crackers and sliced baguette on the board if there’s room. There’s no real rhyme or reason to this. Like I said, play around with what looks good and what you like. It may take a few tries to get it right. Don’t forget your cheese knives. I base the numbers of knives based on the number of cheeses on the board. One knife per cheese is ideal, but if you have less knives than cheese, that’s ok too!
So ready for it? Here’s the final product: 

cheese step 3

Step 5: 
Display your cheese board on a table, alone, or with other appetizers you’ve prepared. 
This is the appetizer spread we prepared to celebrate Marco and Sarah: 

cheese step 4

And there you have it! That’s my simple formula for putting together a cheese/charcuterie board!

How about you? How do you prepare your cheese boards? Will you be following these tips? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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